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PAT Labels

PAT Labels

PAT testing is the most effective way to ensure your electrical appliances comply with Government health and safety regulations. The law requires that employers, including self–employed, ensure that all electrical equipment that they provide in their business is safe and properly maintained. Use PAT stickers to show which appliances have been tested, the date of testing and the date they are due to be tested next.

Make them custom

Create your own personalised PAT testing labels specific to your business or organisation for a uniform look throughout your building. Consider adding your logo or developing a colour code for different areas. We can print them in any size you like, so you could have smaller ones for chargers and plugs and larger ones for bigger appliances to make them easier to reach and read.

Choose our removable adhesive so you can easily replace your personalised PAT testing labels after their certified period is over, and replace them with new ones when they have been retested. Choose our vinyl labels in the premium range for long lasting personalised PAT testing labels in offices and buildings with high traffic. Our satin labels are printed onto a low sheen white vinyl, which doesn’t reflect the light around it. They stick well and are hard wearing, will resist fading and won’t scratch easily. 

Ready to get stuck in?

Our online system makes it easy to order your personalised PAT testing labels. Our cost calculator updates with each decision you make, so you know precisely how much each option will cost. Our stickers are priced per–square–mm, and your final price is displayed at the end of the process. Get product label printing in the UK and beyond with worldwide shipping, quickly and in style! If you want to discuss your artwork before ordering, just get in touch and we’d be happy to help.

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