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Oval Stickers

Oval Stickers

Stand out with this alternative to circular stickers. Oval stickers offer a bit more space, so are perfect for ingredient labels or larger logos, while still adding a bit more visual interest than standard square stickers. Can be used horizontally or vertically for different effects or spaces, and suitable for practically any flat surface from windows to walls, products to paper and everything between.

Stand out in a world of circles and squares

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but we all know that products that dare to be different stand out in a world where customers are overwhelmed with choice. Custom oval stickers are an increasingly popular option for craft beer cans and wine bottles, offering a minimal, eye–catching look that separates them from their conventional neighbours on the shelf. Think outside the box and try an oval label whatever your product line is, it could be just what you need to stand out.

From custom paper labels to clear vinyl printing, our personalised oval stickers come in a variety of materials and finishes. Choose our classic range for large quantities from 16mm x 12mm up to 90mm x 136mm, and our premium range for custom sizes, vinyl printing, window stickers and clings.


Ready to get stuck in?

Our easy–to–use online system makes it a breeze to order. Start by selecting your shape, then size and finish. You can even choose whether you want your stickers to be permanent or removable.Our handy cost calculator updates throughout this process to show you exactly how each decision affects the price. Our stickers are priced per–square–mm, and your final full and transparent cost is displayed at the end of the process. We ship worldwide, quickly and in style! If you want to discuss your artwork before ordering, just get in touch.

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