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Cosmetic Labels

Cosmetic Labels

Our high–quality cosmetic label printing is perfect for giving your products that professional finishing touch and a splash of personality. Branding is crucial for making your products stand out, whether you’re producing them on a large scale to sell commercially or a homemade or small eCommerce operation. We specialise in printing personalised labels for all kinds of products, from makeup, skincare, essential oils, hair and body care, to nail polish and beyond. If you’re shipping your products personally, don’t forget to print some logo stickers to pop on your package!

Have it your way

We print in a huge variety of sizes, from popular standard sizes to entirely custom measurements, so we can create the perfect fit from the smallest lip balm to the biggest body scrub. Check out our classic range for standard sizes, or head over to our premium range to specify your exact size requirements. With our premium range you can also choose to have your stickers die cut to your design to create totally custom cosmetic labels. Our finishing options include clear vinyl to really highlight your artwork while the background blends in, and metallic foil to really elevate your products. Our vinyl material is waterproof, great for face washes, masks and anything else that is likely to be exposed to water during use.

Ready to get stuck in?

Our online system makes it easy to order your custom cosmetic labels. Our cost calculator updates with each decision you make, so you know precisely how much each option will cost. Our stickers are priced per–square–mm, and your final price is displayed at the end of the process. Get product label printing in the UK and beyond with worldwide shipping, quickly and in style! If you want to discuss your artwork before ordering, just get in touch and we’d be happy to help.

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