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Clear Stickers

Clear Stickers


clear stickers
clear stickers

Our clear personalised labels make your design stand out while the actual sticker blends in.These are great for simple logo stickers with no background. Also a great option for glass candle jars or products with plain coloured surfaces. 

Clear translucent vs clear opaque sticker printing

If you’re thinking of ordering clear sticker labels, it’s important to think about the surface your stickers will be used on. This is because we use two different techniques for clear sticker printing. 

Clear translucent printing means stickers can lose a considerable amount of their vibrancy against dark backgrounds. This is because there’s a degree of translucency to the ink used, and when the labels make contact with a dark surface, the vibrancy of the colour is dulled proportionately. These labels tend to work best when the intended surface is light coloured, white being best of all. Artwork printed with black ink on a clear translucent label will be highly visible when placed on a light coloured surface.

With the clear opaque option, we drop in a layer of white ink behind your artwork colours to help strengthen their opacity against dark backgrounds. However, depending on the nature of the artwork, this can have varying degrees of success. The bigger and bolder the artwork is, the more effective this method tends to be, but when the artwork incorporates small details and fine lines etc, the effect is lessened.

For an in–depth guide to choosing between the two, visit our FAQ page. We’re always happy to help if you’re still unsure.


Ready to stick ‘em up?

Use our efficient online ordering system to get your personalised clear sticker labels printed. You’ll find our clear vinyl printing options under our premium range. Start by selecting your shape, size and finish. This is where you will also have to select between clear translucent and clear opaque. We’ve outlined the differences above, but just let us know if you need help deciding which is best for you. Our stickers are priced per–square–mm, and your final full and transparent cost is displayed at the end of the process. We ship worldwide, quickly and in style! 

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