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Topic: Artwork Guidelines

I have some containers on which I need to place some labels. How do I work out what dimensions they should be?

To determine what dimensions will suit your requirements:

Take the container on which you intend placing the labels and place a sheet of paper on the surface. Roughly draw out on the paper, the shape of the label.

Cut out the shape and place it on the container to see how it fits. Trim off any access areas if necessary. Use a ruler to straighten lines where appropriate. When you have the shape cut exactly to your requirements, measure these dimensions, width by height.

It doesn’t matter if the shape is rectangular, oval, or a custom shape, you can still measure it, width by height, making sure to measure it at it’s furthermost points.

If the area is a perfect circle, just measure the diameter.

If you require a circular label to fit on, for example, a circular jar lid, please be sure to allow a gap of at least 3 or 4 millimetres between the edges of your label and the outer edges of the lid itself.

Next, please take into consideration the amount of graphic content required for your labels e.g. the brand name, your logo and any additional information such as ingredients, weight, barcodes and contact information etc and make sure the dimensions you’ve chosen will adequately accommodate your graphic content. Be sure to restrict the amount of information to only what is absolutely necessary.

  • Edit lengthy text down to the absolute minimum number of words.
  • Take care to ensure that all your text will be large enough to be read clearly.
  • Please be aware of the fact that, the more information you include, the less room there will be for creativity within the general design (should your labels need to be designed).


If you have any logo artwork etc to be included then you’d need to send it to me, preferably in any of the following formats,…eps file (with all fonts outlined), high resolution jpeg, tif or pdf.

Once you’ve collected all the information we’ll need, you can email it directly to us at, however,
we’ll need you to place your actual order online at

When you get to the stage on our website where you’re asked to upload your artwork, you can select the “I’ll email it later” option in order to move forward. (Remember, you’ll have emailed all the necessary artwork to us beforehand).

Also, if you wish us to design your labels then please be sure to select the “describe your labels” option. This will automatically add the additional £20 +VAT flat rate design charge required for your order. (This charge may increase if you require more than one design, or a lengthy set–up period is needed, or if more time is required to perform design alterations etc).

If you wish to have a quotation for your order, then our website has been designed to allow you to type in the necessary information (dimensions, quantities, chosen finish etc) and then automatically calculate the cost (which will be displayed onscreen) without any obligation to complete the order.