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  • Window

    Perfect for a variety of uses including shop windows and car windscreens, window stickers can be produced for you in any shape.

    Window stickers are produced ‘sticky front’ style, so they fix to the interior side of the glass, to read correctly from the front side.


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  • Clear Vinyl

    Our Clear labels make your design stand out while the actual label blends in.

    Choose a Sticky Back or Sticky Front, depending on which side you want to view it from. For sticking them on the inside, to read correctly on the outside, choose Sticky Front.

    We offer a choice of translucent and opaque finishes. The opaque finish is achieved using white ink (important if your clear label is being applied to a dark background). Just tell us the option you need at the next step.

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  • Gloss Vinyl

    For a high–sheen finish our Gloss labels are spot on.

    We chose the material with durability and water–resistence in mind. If you treat them nicely, they will even resist scratches and fading.

    We use a high quality vinyl so your colours will look good and strong.

    See our Artwork guide for set–up details.

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  • Satin Vinyl

    Our Satin labels are printed onto a low–sheen white vinyl. Ideal for when you want a label that doesn’t reflect the light around it.

    They stick well and are hard–wearing, will resist fading and won’t scratch easily.

    Because the white vinyl is top quality, colours appear silky, solid and bright.

    See our Artwork guide for set–up details.

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  • Cling

    Our Cling material is a soft PVC vinyl that adheres to glass and most smooth polished surfaces. There’s no adhesive with this material, so there’s no residue left behind if removed. This material can also be re–used.

    Please note that when placing these labels with the printed side facing the surface, some ink transfer may occur after a prolonged period of time.

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  • Paper

    We have two offerings available depending on whether you choose from our Classic or Premium range.

    Our Classic paper is a regular uncoated bond with a permanent adhesive. This material will stick to virtually any clean, dry surface.

    Our Premium range uses a high quality poster paper with a semi–gloss water repellent surface. The water–based acrylic adhesive adheres to virtually all smooth, clean, dry surfaces. Your prints will reproduce with a bright vibrant finish on this material.

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  • Metallic

    This is when your artwork is printed on either a shiny metallic sliver or gold foil. These labels can’t help but make a dazzling impression!

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